We are dedicated to tackling societal pressures, gender taboos, discrimination and inequality uniquely faced by women in today’s society.

What we care about

What We Stand For


Shedding light and bringing awareness to issues that women face, with a focus on researching these areas and then finding solutions to address these through campaigns, raising funds, education and collaborating with expert organisations and more.


We bring about change in the education surrounding menstruation. We also provide sanitary items to ensure vulnerable women have access to these products on a monthly basis. We also advocate at policy level to ensure lasting change, we won’t stop until every woman has her period with dignity.


Every day in the UK women face inequality at home, at work, in politics and in public life. We believe that every woman deserves a basic fundamental right to safety, access to health, equal pay, development opportunities, education, authority over their bodies and more

Breaking barriers

Women face unique barriers in today’s society; we seek to address these obstacles and give visibility to the particular difficulties that women face, as opposed to other groups who do not experience such gender-sensitive issues.


We Are We stand to break down the structures and biases that negatively affect and hold women back in today’s society.

We seek to uncover and dismantle the gender taboos that are hiding in plain sight. We do this through research and organising activities with the purpose of encouraging and facilitating conversation on the subject relating to societal pressures, gender taboos and discrimination faced by women.

Our current key focus is the eradication of Period Poverty through the following:

1. Provision of sanitary and hygiene products to our partner charities, homeless shelters, food banks and refuges where services users are women who are most likely to suffer from Period Poverty

2. Education on the subject surrounding Period Poverty, eco-friendly safe products, dismantling menstrual taboos and stigmas

We Are We seek to promote gender equality and diversity within the community, we do this by sharing information within the community through Diversity and Inclusion Talks , advertised in local community centres within the Hammersmith, Fulham and Croydon area, we also share information directly with local businesses that employ women. We provide insights, best practices around creating equal working environments for all.

We Are We

  • Empower women to be better than her yesterday
  • Bring about lasting change towards female equality

One of our major focus points is ending period poverty in the UK. We do this through:

Preparation: Preparing the next generation and encouraging co-education of unbiased teaching around periods, disposable and reusable sanitary products in schools and local communities. We also leverage education to change the narratives and stigmas associated with periods.

Provision: Providing a consistent supply of sanitary products to places in the UK where women cant afford them. Every woman deserves to have her period with dignity.

Lasting change comes through policy. We are working around the clock with other organisations to ensure that Period Poverty has a seat at the table when legislations are reviewed and passed. We have a long way to go, but together can make a genuine difference in the lives of menstruators in the UK.

In addition to this, We Are We enable women to connect, develop and explore their true authentic selves in a safe and inclusive environment, with the focus on promoting good mental and physical health as well as the advancement of self esteem and personal development.

This is done through focused innovative workshops, events, training sessions,
printed content, information and the use of networks tailored to empowering women to be better and improve their lives.



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