We Are We are passionate about ending period poverty in the UK. In 2020 we launched a campaign to do this through:

Preparation: Preparing the next generation and encouraging co-education of unbiased teaching around periods, disposable and reusable sanitary products in schools and local communities. We also leverage education to change the narratives and stigmas associated with periods.

Provision: Providing a consistent supply of sanitary products to places in the UK where menstruators can’t afford them.

Policy: Lasting change comes through policy. We are working around the clock with other organisations to ensure that Period Poverty has a seat at the table when legislations are reviewed and passed. We have a long way to go, but together can make a genuine difference in the lives of menstruators in the UK.

Research has revealed that Period Poverty is most likely to affect Homeless Shelter and Food Bank service users since they are on lower/no income and are most likely to have a lower standard of living with limited access to sanitary products. We seek to support homeless shelters and Food Banks around London with the donations we receive with the aim to donate at least 50,000 sanitary products by the end of 2021(We will aim to donate as many sustainable and eco-friendly options as possible during this time).

We believe every person that menstruates should have their period with dignity.

More about We Are We

We Are We stand to break down the structures and biases that negatively affect and hold women back in today’s society.

We seek to uncover and dismantle the gender taboos that are hiding in plain sight. We do this through research and organising activities with the purpose of encouraging and facilitating conversation on the subject relating to societal pressures, gender taboos and discrimination faced by women. Through our research, conversations and events we use this to take a seat at the table to share insights with decision makers, organisations, communities and our allies to ensure that the voices of minority and impacted groups are heard and considered when needs are being addressed.

We need your help, no matter how big or small to keep us on the journey of making a difference in the lives of the women we meet.

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